29 Apr

When you think of all the beautiful ingredients available to hospitality businesses today, it’s hard to believe that the inspiration and drive to create something new and exciting seems to have passed some businesses by. 

Not just boring menus but over Cheffy menus (you know the ones that nobody understands) are the enemy of great hospitality businesses. The key is good balance. Understanding that balance can help lift the guest's experience and help install confidence with the team. 

Dining out and eating beautifully prepared and thoughtfully created dishes are a luxury we all love to enjoy. It creates a memory which takes you back to that wonderful experience. It’s more than a great meal, it’s an emotional experience for the diner and the team who prepared it. 

Creating menus which excite your customers and bring them back again and again to try more dishes on the menu is aspirational for all businesses, but creative thinking and an understanding of what the business is trying to achieve and the type of clientele it is aiming to attract is required, to ensure you raise your business head and shoulders above your competition. This only comes with experience. 

I take a holistic approach to working with chefs and their teams to bring out the best ideas and encourage them to elevate what needs to be elevated and adjust what needs to be adjusted within the range of dishes on offer. It’s a fine balance between application of my knowledge of what works and the appreciation of the skills of the team that I am working with that can create magic in the kitchen, and fabulous experiences for your diners. 

Motivating the team to create the best that they can create is my specialty and with the knowledge gained from my experience working with teams of all sizes and abilities and hospitality businesses who nurture and support creative thinkers, I can bring new and fresh ideas to table which will elevate your dishes to another level. 

If you are struggling with elevating your food to the next level and bringing new and exciting dishes to your menu, let’s start a conversation about how I can assist you achieve your goals to be the best in your business. 

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