With my vast experience in hospitality I can gauge future trends and the effect they will have on the industry.

There is a real desire from customers now to experience rather than simply consume and that means that dining has had to evolve in many different ways.  ‘Experiential’ is now expected rather than aspirational.

Hotels are now required to offer a range of dining options to cater to different customer tastes and, when done correctly, can become a culinary destination where the restaurant is at the heart of the experience and not just an extension of the hotel. 

Gone are the days of a simple wine list and international beer and spirit brands. Bars and restaurants need to specialise and cater to an international clientele with evolving tastes. A dedicated beer menu with local craft beers, wines from specific vintages and terroirs with a narrative, eclectic spirits collections (after whisky and gin, rum is now taking centre stage), and fresh hyper-locally sourced juices are what customers want.

New trends are surfacing all the time, so let’s see what the coming weeks and months bring us.
Exciting times ahead in hospitality.